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Diabetic patients must pay enough attention to diabetic foot, develop good foot hygiene habits, and prevent it before it happens. Wash your feet with warm water every day and gently dry them with a soft towel to avoid rubbing them with coarse cloth. Check the heel and toe seams carefully every day to see if there are cracks, ruptures, blisters and abrasions. When you find foot lesions, you need to see a doctor in time and deal with them properly.

Many little sisters who are in a hurry to go to work in the morning have no time to blow their hair at all. At this time, they can put on a dry hair cap when putting on makeup and wait for three to five minutes. The excess moisture is absorbed, and then wipe it with a towel to remove all the moisture in the hair.

The functionality of a grocery bag holder is not limited to just storing plastic bags; it can also be utilized for a multitude of other purposes around your home. For instance, you can use it to hang dish towels, oven mitts, or even pot holders. The durable construction of these holders allows them to withstand the weight of various items, making them versatile and convenient additions to any kitchen.

three. People should wear safety helmets, overalls and rubber shoes neatly and neatly in front of the well; it is best to wear a towel around the neck, which can not only wipe sweat, but also prevent slag from falling into the clothes, and may also be used in self-rescue and mutual rescue.

Hair spray and essential oil are also a little different in use. the use of essential oil is to apply the prepared essential oil to the root of the hair before shampoo, massage for 5 to 10 minutes, wrap it with a hot towel for 30 minutes, add a small amount of essential oil to the shampoo, apply it to the dry hair after foaming, and finally rinse it with water.

When the baby grows to 3-5 months old, the spine develops and begins to bend forward. You can start using pillows with a pillow height of 1-2 cm. This period of time is also relatively short, so you can also use half-folded towels as pillows.

According to pipe diameter and length distribution. At present, reverse osmosis membrane is widely used in pure water production and other fields in electroplating plants. Put it on one side, so that there is only clear water in the toilet, then dip the water dry with a towel, find a small place, good for the kind of small mirror on makeup, a flashlight, put the small mirror on the bottom of the toilet, adjust the light source and the angle of the mirror, you can see the inner part of the pipe, usually small things will get stuck in the pipe to turn down, find a more suitable wire, your luck is good The little thing stuck in the eye of the toilet will be solved. Squat pit change toilet: when some old houses are built, squat pits are installed, and u-shaped waterproof elbows are used at the bottom of the sewerage pipes. When creating the toilet again, the bottom elbow can be changed into a direct bend. If it can not be replaced, then before installing the toilet, you must do a good job in cleaning the bottom backwater bend, and do not let cement or ceramic tile fragments fall into it.

The bathroom of the Xiao Liu family, the wet area of the shower uses the white porcelain metope that is easy to clean, while the metope of the dry area uses the light pink of a more warm girl, which makes the dry and wet zone clear at a glance. Dry area storage tends to be simple and practical, integrated sink + niche, copper storage rack and towel hook to add classical feeling at the same time, beautiful and practical.

The vast majority of women suffer from trichomonal vaginitis because of unclean sex, as well as indirect transmission of public baths, bathtubs, towel swimming pools, sitting urinals or equipment and dressings contaminated by clothing. In fact, trichomonal vaginitis is preventable and treatable, but it is recommended that women still protect and love themselves, blocking the source of infection is the most important, so safe sex should be promoted.

Clean up-clear all the book shelves and prepare for a reasonable arrangement of books, so that the collection of books is reasonable, and it is easier for teachers to find the books they need. Clean-wipe all the previous books you can read with a towel to make it easy for teachers and students to consult.