what is the best yarn for crochet slippers

what is the best yarn for crochet slippers

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Experts remind that citizens must wash their skin carefully before and after swimming, do not put close-fitting clothes directly in the public wardrobe, do not use public slippers, bath towels, and towels, and take a bath in time after swimming to wash off the residual bacteria on the body to avoid infection.

The small toilet area is small, the owner should learn to use the metope, the design partition on the metope is an expansion method, the Jiaxing classroom decoration, for example, can set up the partition above the toilet, put the articles on the wall, but also design the towel rack, this can also play the role of moistureproof, several partitions can be designed near the bath area, bath products can be placed on the partition, or hooks can be pasted on the wall. Mops, slippers and other items can be hung on the wall, Jiaxing classroom decoration, so that the space will not look disorganized, daily cleaning is also convenient.

If we attend an outdoor party with a happy and refreshing atmosphere, such as picnics and barbecues, choose a comfortable and cool match as much as possible, sleeveless shirt with cotton wide-legged trousers, although the style is no different from the usual, but air permeability and sweat absorption give people a good performance, step on a pair of sandals and slippers, relaxed and comfortable.

Prepare suitable swimming equipment. Carry appropriate swimming equipment. Swimming suits (trunks), swimming goggles and swimming caps are all common necessary equipment for swimming; lightweight anti-skid slippers are convenient to use before and after swimming; soft absorbent towels can help you absorb moisture quickly after swimming, maintain comfort and prevent colds; bath gel, shampoo and other shampoo can thoroughly wash your body and hair and remove chlorine and other chemicals from the swimming pool. Some events may require additional equipment, such as flippers in the butterfly or nose clips in the backstroke.

It is recommended to swim in a regular, qualified swimming place. the items we come into contact with in the swimming place should bring our own slippers and towels, and try to avoid using public cleaning goods. After swimming, you need to clean and rinse. At this time, do not use alkaline cleaning products, just clean with a mild bath lotion. ”

In addition to swimming equipment, in case of choking, rinse your mouth with clean water in time; try not to use public bath towels, towels and slippers; take a shower in time after swimming to wash away the residue of disinfectant in the pool water; do not swim for too long, do not eat immediately after swimming, it is recommended to eat half an hour after the end of swimming In the process of swimming, it is necessary to put an end to uncivilized behaviors such as spitting in the pool, urinating in the pool and rubbing after entering the pool.