entering primary school, my nutritious lunch has been constantly changing, not only the dishes

entering primary school, my nutritious lunch has been constantly changing, not only the dishes

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Changchun No. 11 Senior High School adopts the lunch distribution system. There are two ways to have lunch, one is to prepare your own lunch in an insulated lunch box, and the other is to order a nutritious meal. In the third year of senior high school, 279 people brought their own meals and 1162 ordered nutritious meals. The selected catering company has the first-class qualification, the central kitchen and the distribution capacity of Jilin Yashi Catering Co., Ltd. Five minutes before lunch, the catering company will deliver the nutritious meals ordered by the students to the door of the class and leave immediately without contact with the students. In the afternoon, after taking a nap, the students go into the teaching building to pick up the lunch box.

entering primary school, my nutritious lunch has been constantly changing, not only the dishes

A few years ago, urban women were no better. They all dreamed of marrying the rich second generation and were eager to change their destiny through marriage. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch. There are people who rely on marriage to change the environment, but what really changes fate depends on their own efforts, otherwise, even if they marry the rich second generation, it is also difficult to keep the marriage.

The reporter saw a lot of such stories in the interview: private car owners who took the initiative to lead the way for fire engines; men who saw firefighters sweating and picked up cardboard fans; volunteers who continuously sent lunch, mung bean soup, towels, alcoholic cotton, band-aids, and watermelons; enthusiastic people who sent a box full of vitamins to help rescue workers improve their immunity.

After the beginning of school, many children are inconvenient to commute home at noon and need to bring lunch to school. Lunch boxes, thermos and other good things are essential. During the first school season, JD.com brought multi-layer lunch boxes, intelligent insulation cups and sports water cups at home to allow children to eat on time and replenish their learning energy at any time.

When the food was served into the dining room, the central temperature was above 80 ℃. The staff packed the food in lunch boxes and put them in the incubator one by one. This action seems simple, but they do not realize that every box lunch they carry is boiling hot. So often see the staff cover a box and rub their hands, it is hot.

On the morning of March 12, in Xuanhe Community, the kitchen staff dressed in overalls, masks and gloves were methodically packing lunch for the elderly, pig feet, soybeans, oil bubbles, pumpkins. All kinds of dishes are classified and packed according to the individual needs of the elderly, and all of them are boxed and put into the incubator before 10:00. At the same time, we have also made adequate preparations to ensure the safety of the elderly during the epidemic.

As the saying goes, “Food is the most important thing for the people.” For us who are growing up, the balance and richness of food nutrition is even more important, and the country pays special attention to this matter. The National Health and Family Planning Commission specially issued the “Student Nutrition meal Standard” to guide the production of nutritious meals; in order to improve the food of rural students, in June 2012, the Ministry of Education and other 15 departments issued five supporting documents such as the “detailed rules for the implementation of the Nutrition improvement Plan for Rural compulsory Education students”. Since entering primary school, my nutritious lunch has been constantly changing, not only the dishes are constantly updated, but also the containers containing food are being replaced, from the ordinary containers at the beginning to the current metal inner tank, plastic shell insulation, fresh-keeping buckets; the school has also organized family committee parents to visit catering companies many times.