temperature drop of the lunch box during transportation

temperature drop of the lunch box during transportation

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New bedding, toothpaste, soap, towels, toilet paper, shampoo, masks, standing drugs, law enforcement terminals, etc. These are the standard items for every front-line personnel on duty, basically ensuring the needs of daily life during the closed duty period, in order to effectively alleviate the work pressure during the closed duty period, and protect the physical and mental health of the staff on duty. The prison canteen insists on making efforts on the quality of dishes, ensuring the supply of milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables every day, paying attention to meat and vegetarian nutrition for three meals a day, and providing rice noodles, congee, sugar water, eggs and all kinds of pasta for breakfast; lunch and dinner ensure that three meats, four vegetarian soups, two fruits and one milk, to the maximum extent possible to ensure that the staff on duty have enough to eat. The trade union sent more than 300 magazines of more than 20 kinds to the police court, while opening gyms, reading rooms, and table tennis rooms throughout the day, and each prison district distributed entertainment items such as chess, playing cards and rope skipping, which greatly enriched the amateur cultural life during the closed period.

Ye Tao, general manager of the Pure Land Central Kitchen Food Distribution Center in Chengguan District, told reporters that the center has two microwave hotlines that can reheat the food to 80 degrees Celsius, the distribution vehicles are also equipped with heating function, and the temperature of the carriage will be kept at about 20 degrees. The incubator they use is a special food-grade incubator, and the temperature drop of the lunch box during transportation is up to 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. When lunch is delivered to school, the temperature can also be between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius, ensuring that children can eat steaming nutritious meals.

temperature drop of the lunch box during transportation

On September 19th, SPO Global her leaders Alliance invited Yvonne, president of Hearst Media Advertising Group China, to have lunch with her leaders and share their experiences on how to run the company, how to overcome the difficulties encountered in starting a business, and how to break the ceiling of the female workplace.

If I am very busy the next day, I will prepare two ingredients one night in advance: one directly into the pot, make an appointment, steam the stewed rice at the bottom, keep it warm until the morning, and the breakfast and lunch are ready; one is put in the refrigerator, after cleaning the pot in the morning, make an appointment, and the next big dish is steamed rice, which can be eaten at home. It tastes so good that it is perfect ~

When the reporter came to the restaurant to pick up the meal, the dry grain workers were carrying dry grain bags and lined up to pick up the Chinese food in the shift, a neat blue square bag with neat insulation boxes inside. Li Yue said: “this is our innovative dry grain bag, the capacity has not changed, it can still hold 20 lunch boxes and a kettle, but this bag has good heat preservation effect and is more comfortable to carry.”

Product performance: lunch meat can not only cook, barbecue, or rinse hot pot good choice, this product is optimized for pork deep processing, rich nutrition, open the lid to eat, unique color, flavor, delicate taste Q-bullet, used in hot pot, Spicy Hot Pot, barbecue and other catering and family frying, boiling, stewing, shabu pan, as well as picnics, home tourism, field training.

sixty-four。 After lunch, it was ten minutes in the warm afternoon. The sun is far away in the air, shining with light and proper warmth. I went straight to the park in Sunshine District. When I got to the park, I found a clean place on the lawn and sat down. I took a big bag of dried red dates, which had been washed clean, and ate them slowly while quietly enjoying the sun.