drinking water, maps, headlights, compass, hiking poles, towel s, plastic bags, waterproof

drinking water, maps, headlights, compass, hiking poles, towel s, plastic bags, waterproof

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4. Allow the dough to rise: Shape the dough into a ball and place it in a lightly greased bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a clean kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm spot for around 1-2 hours, or until the dough has doubled in size. A slow rise will enhance the flavor and texture of your bagels.

After a good plan, we need to configure adequate equipment and materials, including but not limited to outdoor backpacks, clothes made of quick-drying materials, hiking shoes, sunhats, sunglasses, watches, emergency medicine, food, drinking water, maps, headlights, compass, hiking poles, towels, plastic bags, waterproof bags, backup clothing, cameras, etc. In the south, you should prepare rain-proof and heat-proof clothing; in the north, you need to prepare clothes that are light, windproof and warm to protect against the cold.

In addition to swimsuits, it is also important to take sunscreen, swimming caps, waterproof bags, towels and other necessary items with you when swimming. Sunscreen can help us protect our skin from sunburn, swimming caps can protect our hair from being corroded by sea water or chlorine in the pool, waterproof bags can protect your belongings from moisture, and towels can dry your body in time after swimming.

Fire escape drill. How to play the game: the teacher leads the children to wet the towels and carry out escape drills. Some children are asked to wear chest ornaments in the props to act as firefighters, while other children act as people who escape and evacuators who guide the escape route.

From the professional point of view, the P6 cervical vertebra massage instrument is the sixth generation product newly listed this year, which is equipped with double-pulse frequency conversion function, nano-red light irradiation, traction, far-infrared hot compress and other functions. VTP double-pulse frequency conversion technology also obtains copyright registration, which is different from the single TENS pulse function on the market. VTP double-pulse frequency conversion technology has EMS+TEN double-pulse mode, which can relieve cervical discomfort. It can also exercise the neck muscles. Cervical pain is mainly caused by long-term maintenance of a single posture in the head and neck and tension of the neck muscles. The pulse function of climbing P6 allows you to exercise the neck muscles anytime and anywhere, thus relieving the pain of the cervical vertebrae. In addition, the far-infrared hot compress function is particularly easy to use, with low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature three functions, the temperature between 38 °C-45 °C, just like a hot towel, the cervical vertebra is no longer stiff.

drinking water, maps, headlights, compass, hiking poles, towel s, plastic bags, waterproof

Heat preservation is very important, and kittens under three weeks cannot maintain their body temperature. It is best to put the cat in a cage or in a box, and do not come into contact with other animals, because the kitten is not yet resistant. Then buy a small electric blanket for the cat to sleep, and put some towels in the box. Please keep the temperature at the temperature.