metal fasteners similar to luggage locks. Luggage products are

metal fasteners similar to luggage locks. Luggage products are

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The first large and medium-sized SUV– Auchan COS1 ┬░under the brand new brand Auchan has a hexagonal intake grille with sharp headlights and LED daytime driving lights at the top; the lower grille is trapezoidal, and the triangular fog lights on both sides are decorated with chrome strips. In addition, the engine hatch cover line is quite hard, the new logo is installed in the middle of the grille, the overall recognition is higher. The roof adopts the popular suspension design, together with the silver luggage rack above, to create a more three-dimensional visual effect. The tail lamp of the horizontal LED light source echoes with the headlamp, and the edge of the rear windshield is “smoked black”, with a large spoiler at the top, which is very athletic.

Each family is an indispensable and important part of the family, in the endless spring season, take the whole family outing, naturally can not be left behind. Qichen D60PLUS is comparable to the spacious space of B-class cars, allowing families to enjoy a comfortable driving experience. The large storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it is a fishing photography tour or a picnic barbecue family tour, can hold the equipment and luggage needed for the family trip. The configuration of high-quality breathable leather seats virtually increases the comfort of driving, allowing you and your family to enjoy the spring light on the journey away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The mesh bag small is, as the name suggests, a compact and lightweight bag made from a durable mesh material. Its compact size makes it perfect for stowing away in any corner of your luggage, while its mesh construction allows for breathability, visibility, and ease of use. The uses for this bag are endless, making it an essential addition to your travel arsenal.

In addition to the common advantages of aluminum alloy materials, aluminum profiles also have some unique excellent characteristics, such as low cost of profile extrusion die, flexible design of section shape to meet different stiffness requirements, strong tightness and good sound insulation effect. At present, the automobile parts suitable for the manufacture of aluminum profiles mainly include: front and rear bumper, door anti-collision beam, energy absorption box, dashboard bracket, new energy battery shell, guideway, luggage rack, chassis and body structure, etc. Figure 7 shows the battery package structure of Volkswagen MEB platform. The lower shell of MEB battery is made of profiles and plates. The main connection processes include MIG brazing (automatic visual inspection of welds), glue coating, Rivtac high-speed piercing riveting, bolt connection, etc.

When it comes to traveling, these small mesh bags prove to be invaluable. They can easily hold smaller toiletries such as toothpaste, dental floss, and travel-sized skincare products. By keeping these items separate from the rest of your luggage, not only is it easier to find what you need, but you also prevent any accidental spills or leaks that might ruin clothes or electronics. The breathable mesh material also allows for easy drying, ensuring that your items stay fresh and ready to use, even on extended trips.

metal fasteners similar to luggage locks. Luggage products are

The casual handbag combines the design elements of shopping bags, the horizontal structure is wider and shallower, and it is more concise and fashionable than last season. The mini briefcase conforms to the development trend of the mini bag, with trendy dignity and multi-functional elements, and the compact and perfect shape uses metal fasteners similar to luggage locks. Luggage products are clothing decorations, and the contents of their international fashion trends are usually consistent with the international fashion trends of clothing. The specific content includes color tendency, material tendency and design tendency. Finally, through the collective choice of consumers to form a real sense of popularity.